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  AEIOU is an investigative tool to help interpret observations gathered by ethnographic practices in the field. It is an Observation tool. Its two primary functions are to code data, and to develop building blocks of models that will ultimately address the objectives and issues of a client. 

  1. Activities 
  2. Environment 
  3. Interaction 
  4. Objects
  5. Users              


Nirmaan is the event which held under Kshitij state level event. I participated in 2 compitition which was PIPE PONTOON and dargon ball
In pipe pontton we had to make a bridge from straw, pin and a thermocol sheet having span of 40 cm and height of 27 cm . and the dargon ball is a game that you have to throw the ball on the cup from a marked distance and it was a wonderful day for me. 


The next step of design engineering is empathy canvas
Here, we were asked to talk to the people who worked at the construction site (our domain) and understand and empathise with them. we had to understand their happy and sad moments and thus write two stories each.
My user was engineer 
And the stories were based on the happieness and pride he has towards his work and the difficulties he faces.


Hitman is a 2007 French-American-British action-thriller film directed by Xavier Gens and based on the video game series Hitman. The story revolves around Agent 47, a professional hitman, who was engineered to be an assassin by the group known as “The Organization”. He becomes ensnared in a political conspiracy and finds himself pursued by both Interpol and Russian intelligence. The film stars Timothy Olyphant, Olga Kurylenko and Dougray Scott and was released on November 21, 2007 in the United States, November 30, 2007 in the United Kingdom and December 26, 2007 in France. Though critically not well-received, it was a financial success, grossing $99 million against a $24 million budget.